The Louise-Marie domaine was born from the desire of Marie-Louise Bennezon to cultivate the vine in the 60’s. This brave woman, coming from the agricultural world, who evolved in a universe at the time very masculine, is our grandmother. She acquired various plots spread over several towns in the East of France, in Champagne, and more precisely in the « Vallée de l’Ardre » and in the « Vallée de la Marne ». She then created the roots of the « Maison Bennezon ».
Her son Jean-Louis, our father, took and brought several evolutions to the House by expanding and modernizing the domaine. At the same time, he contributed actively to the development of champagne through his viticultural commitments.

In 2010, we chose to continue the family legacy by taking over the House with enthusiasm and perseverance.
Attached to the values of Champagne, and above all, excellence and rigor, we passionately develop the Louise Marie Champagne. Our Vines are grown by our brother, Vincent Bennezon, in the respect of the environment.

This Champagne is the result our family’s tradition and our love for the Champagne’s land.

Fanny, Vincent et Marie BENNEZON